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SIP HandyMig MigMate and HandyMig PDF Manual

Those kind people at SIP sent me the manual for my MIG (Colins repaired one)

Download it here:

( this is not hyperlinked as this would send the atomz search engine dippy :)

Polarity swap for a MIG not designed for flux wire?

SIPs comments re the polarity swap to enable gasless welding with the GAS ONLY MIG are below, I strongly suggest you don't bother as the trigger would need to retain an isolated feed of the original polarity and be isolated from its present feed from the live torch which would be reversed. 0.9mm flux wire is easy to find in the UK but the MIG only goes up to 0.8 and 0.9 will not work (I tried). Don't dick about with 230v!!!!!

Dear John 'Fatbloke' Bullas,

Attached is the gospel according to SIP as requested!!! Referring to your other request. To make this unit suitable for welding in gasless mode, you will need to reverse the polarity of the torch and earth clamp. (i.e. the torch needs to be negative, then remove the gas, ensure 0.8mm roller and 0.8mm contact tip in torch is fitted and then fit gasless welding wire (flux cored). Unfortunately due to health and safety reasons we are not permitted to advise on modifications to the unit beyond its intended use. However, you might be able to sort out knowing this! Although not by SIP's recommendation!!!!!!!!

Good luck


Keith Hopewell

Senior Technical Manager

Added by FB 29 March 2005

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