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tips for fitting

"When I fitted mine it seemed as if I needed to remove the upper arm on the front. You don't, but you need to know the trick to get them in:

[22/02/2016] Before you start work measure the distance from the point of contact between the knuckle joint and the aluminium trumpet to a fixed point on the subframe (with the vehicle on the ground - to enable you to initially set the ride height the same once your adustarides are installed.

[22/02/2016] Raising or lowering your mini as a result of fitting adjusta-rides, hi-los or simply replacing soggy cone springs, can play havoc with your suspension & steering alignment. As the mini lowers, the camber decreases (the bottom swivel moves outwards), as this happens, the fixed length of the tie rod moves the bottom swivel relative to the top leading to a retrograde change in the castor angle. As the bottom swivel moves out the fixed distance between the track rods end (being fixed) cannot change, this leads to toe-out.

You really need to get the alignment checked professionally BUT tweaking could cost a lot in visits to Checkamini Inc so you can get equipment to check it yourself

Check your tracking using DIY equipment, check your camber & castor angles using DIY equipment both so long as you have a nice flat, clean floor area.

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