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Morris Minis, Spanish built

AUTHI is an acronym for Automosviles Hispano-Ingleses (Spanish-English Automobiles).

Lots to read about the history and mystery of the AUTHI in the Mini Books featured in our books section

Mini Cooper 1300's are definitely NOT the same as the Innocentis (although they did look almost identical): those had an engine virtually identical to a Mk3 British-built S, while in Spain we had to make do with a low-compression (8.8 to 1) 12H engine. It did have twin HS2 carbs and, it was said at the time, a nitrided crank.

Bodyshell differences between British Mk3 and Spanish Mk3 are virtually non-existent, something that cannot be said if you compare them with the Italian Minis.

Authi produced a number of models:

Model Year Chassis Numbers Details
1000 E
(Special - Especial?)
04/69 - 09/70 I-0001 to I-4505 Mk 2 shells and front disc brakes, leather seats and stainless hubcaps, bumpers and overriders
1000 S
to 05/70 IS-0001 to IS-3358 Mk 2 shells and front disc brakes, aluminium hubcaps and bumpers
1000 B   B-0001 to B-1992 these have Mk2 shells, very few creature comforts, drum brakes all round and are all white
1000 Lujo   MML-00001 to MML-11818 De luxe, these have Mk3 shells and drum brakes all-round and three-instrument oval binnacle
1000 Normal   MMN-00001 to MMN-9689 Mk3 shells, drum brakes all round and just one round speedo

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The 1000 E is perhaps the best Mini ever produced in Spain: