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Ballasted ignition

Some minis have a ballasted ignition system as standard.

The ballast resistor uses a 6V coil and drops the LT 12V supply down to 6V by using a power resistor (often bolted to the inner wing near the clutch).

When starting (IGN=position 3) the ballast resistor is bypassed and the coil sees full voltage. The ballast system is basically a starting aid.

The 12V coil will not work so well at starting as the system voltage will fall as the starter cranks over, but 12V coils will produce sparking HT's down to about 6V LT anyway, so they still work. HOWEVER using a ballast coil for extended use without the ballast resistor could play havoc with your points! (as well as getting rather hot!)

One advantage of the non-ballast system is that the wiring is neater and you just have a simple 12V LT feed, rather than all this pos II or III three terminal resistor crap.

Ballast wire removal

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