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Charge warning lamp

When does it light?

The red lamp has +12v on one side and the other side goes to the voltage regulation circuitry in the alto. The light won't light if you pull the plug off the alternator, as you have disconnected the lamp.

The lamp will light if the voltage generated by the alto is less than that of the battery (ie: It is not charging, hence it is called the "charge
warning lamp"). This usually occurs when the alto speed drops (eg: broken fan belt).

The light will NOT light when:

The lamp will light when:

No charge?

Check all the connections in the charging system - battery terminals, solenoid terminals, earth strap connections and *especially* the moulded plug that connects to the alternator, 'cos that's a nasty spot for moistness. (Olly Smith)

Updated 16 DEC 2002

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