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Chords for "On Days like These"

This is the music playing when the Lamborghini Miura (thanks for the correction Claudio Amadio) gets clobbered by the Caterpillar in the Tunnel at the start of "The Italian Job".

Heres the chords folks, watch out for the (Am7 b5) play the E as Eb
Theres a second verse but the chords are the same.

(NC)Questi(Cm7) Giorni Quando Vien(Cm7)e il bel(f7) solle(Cm)
(F7)Dah Dah Dah (Bb6)Dah Dah Dah Dah(Bb) Dah(Bbmaj7) Dah Dah(Bb6) Dah Dah

On Days(Gm7) like these (Cm7)when skies are blue (Cm7/f)and fields (F7)are
(F7)I look around (Bb6)and think about (Bb)what might(Bbmaj7) have been(Bb6)
And then (Gm7)I hear(Cm7) sweet music float(Cm7/f) around my head(Cm7)
(F7)As I recall (Bb6)the many things(Bb) we (Bbmaj7)left unsaid(Bb6)

Its on days like these (Am7 b5)
(D7 b9)That I rem(Gm)ember
(c)Singing songs and drinking wine,
While your eyes(Eb) plays games with mine(Ab)

(f) Repeat verse

We'll all have a jam sometime!


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Added 01 June 03

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