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Clutch and Master Cylinder Clevis pin removal

The clevis pin is the pin that links the forked end of the master cylinder vertical push rod to the arm moved up and down by the action of pressing down the clutch or brake pedal (this page relates to any cars where there is a clevis pin inaccessible under the bulkhead cross member and above the pedals


Access to the clevis pin is normally thought to be achieved ONLY by lying on your back in the passenger compartment looking up underneath the steering wheel area. This NEW method to remove and replace the clevis pin may turn out to be a lot easier.

Firstly, if you can, purchase some suitable stainless steel clevis pins, washers and P clips to replace the mild steel clevis and split pin items which can suffer corrosion

Secondly remove the drivers seat (and ideally the pasenger seat) and use the rear seat cushion as a mattress to lie down on in the car! I have found diagonally to the the most comfortable :)

Drain the brake or clutch sytstem and unfasten any hydraulic or brake pipes connected to the master cylinder

You need access to directly underneath the master cylinder (from the engine bay) so it might be easier to take the bonnet off?

Place a weight on the brake or clutch pedal depressing it full stroke

Undo the two nuts holding the master cylinder

The master cylindr can now be lifted away from the bulkhead..... LOOK DOWN THE HOLE!!! clevis pin!!!!

Using a pair of long nosed pliers (and a circlip plyer or other curved ended "point" in the eye of the split pin) to rotate the clevis pin to:

FIRST straighten out the folded over ends of the split pin (long nosed plyers)

SECOND pull out the split pin ( plyers or using the circlip plyer end in the eye of the split pin)

THIRD push the clevis pin out of the hole it is sitting in

BINGO! you have a master cylinder in your hand


unload the pedal so it is free to move up and down with hand pressure

place the master cylinder on the bulkhead and screw down, check "down the hole" that the fork is straddling the pedal lever

lie on your back in the car, you will be able to see on the right side of the drivers foot well that there is the master cylinder fork straddlingthe pedal arm (look UP and to the RIGHT) if you like move the pedal a little and see what moves

CLEVIS PIN in hand push the clevis into the right hand side of the fork, apply a little pressure to it

THEN move the pedal gently up and down, the clevis pin will plop into place, push it home

NOW undo the 2 nuts holding the cylinder down and pull it up...

The spring of the pedal will keep everything in tension to stop the clevis pin dropping out when...

Using the long nose plyers, you insert the washer and split pin ( or P clip) on the end of the pin

(the long nose plyers can be used to rotate the clevis so the pin hole is visible AND then to turn the clevis to enable the split pin ends to be folded over).

I HAVE TRIED to get the clevis IN via the hole at the top and there is not enough space both to hold, rotate and SEE what is needed, it is relatively EASY to get the pin in place from the passenger compartment side

If the clevis pin falls into the hole under the master cylinder it will either be in the access cavity or behind the soundproofing in the driver side foot well!!

Article submitted after having done this for the first time by FB 30-05-2004

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