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Doors Removal & Re-skinning

Door Removal

There are 3 screws on top hinge, 2 on bottom. Later minis use 'Torx' (star head) screws, else large cross-head.

You WILL need an impact driver. Get new screws/hinges from minispares etc and refit with copper grease on all the threads.

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Door Reskinning Tips (20 Dec 2002)

Don't need a special tool!

Grind the edge of the door till you can see three layers. Top is door skin, middle is door frame and bottom is overlap. Remove door cleanup frame and fit skin. Use hammer and dolly working round the edge of the overlap and fill with sealant. Prime and spray. No special tool required. If no Dolly then use 2 hammers.

from Andy Murray - 998cc Appreciation Society

Either that or weld a steel plate to each jaw of a pair of mole grips and coat the outside jaw with something like green baize. It is worth breaking the edges and corners of the outside plate before fixing the baize.

from Drew.

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