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List of drop gears

There are:

1:1.00 Standard ratio
1:1.04 Special ratio (Jack Knight etc)
1:1.08 Special ratio (Jack Knight etc)
1:1.09 Special ratio (Jack Knight etc)

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Drop gears 'binding'

"It feels like one of the drop gear bearings are binding...

Please tell me that you haven't mangled the first motion bearing? Even Haynes says that re-fitting the transfer housing "maybe be difficult and require several attempts" as the first motion roller bearing never locates first time into its recess.

Whatever you do don't tighten everything up until you are positive that the bearing is located ok.

I've always had trouble with this bearing, but it always goes in after a couple of tries. If it's mangled then it may never locate properly.

Remove the transfer housing now! If the bearing is not aligned then it will tear up and you'll have nice hardened rollers floating about in amongst your gear train!"

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