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Engine numbers & Numbers for Unleaded Petrol

List of common engine numbers

Added 29 12 02: see this local copy of PDF from (link corrected 04 Jan 2004)

850cc engines

8A 850 Austin 34HP until 25000
8MB 850 Morris until 25000
8AM 850 Austin/Morris since nr. 25001
8AH 850 Austin/Morris Automatic
8AJ 850 Austin/Morris with crankcase gas recycling (??)
8AK same as above, Automatic
8WR 850 Wolseley/ Riley
8AC 850 Moke
85H/101 850 from 1969 on



9F/Sa/X eng nr 29001-29003 with Tecalemit filter (??)
9FD/Sa/X with Tecalemit filter and crankcase vent on carb
9FE/Sa/X same but oil filter with oilpressure switch
9F/Sa/X eng nr 29039-30029 with Purolator-filter (??) with switch and crank case vent on carb



9F/Sa/H Cooper (except engnr. 19201-20410, those were 1071cc)
998cc engines
9AD same, but remote gear, crank case recycling, 39HP
9AE 998 Wolseley/ Riley MK III
99H/-/101 Wolseley/ Riley, Mini Clubman, Mini 1000 from 1970 on with dished pistons
99H/791 Mini 1000 1974 on with dished pistons
99H/997 A+ block from 1980 on with flat pistons and 2.95 diff
99H/A97P A+ with dished pistons, pre-A+ gears, 3.44 diff and 12" wheels
99H/B81 until 127431 with circlip 998cc A+ engines from 1985 on

Ungrooved lower main bearings, piston with circlip pin. 42 HP

99H/B81 since 127432 without circlip
99H/C20 until 105023 with circlip
99H/C20 since 105024 without circlip
99H/997 since eng. nr. 127422 with 2.9 diff
99H/G30/32/33 998cc A+ from 1988 on: lead free, 422 with 2.9 diff, 41HP



9F/Sa/H eng nr 26501-33660 and 19201-20410
9FD/Sa/H eng nr 33661-33948, oil filter with pressure switch and crank case vent on carb


1100 (1098cc) engines

10AMW/Ta Clubman estate and Austin 1100 45HP
10H791 Clubman 1100
10GR/Ta/H MG1100
10GRB/Ta/H MG1100/Wolseley 1100
10V/Ta/H Vanden Plas 1100


1275cc engines

9F/Sa/Y eng nr 31001-31405, Purolator filter, without crank case vent on carb
9FD/Sa/Y after eng nr 32178, with crank case vent on carb and oil pressure switch
9F/Sa/Y from eng nr 32378 on, Puroalator filter with switch, crank case vent, AEG 510 cam from engnr 40006 on, crossdrilled EN40B crank from engine nr 42730 on
12G/Ta/H Wolseley/Riley/VP 1300 with S-Conrods
12H739 1275GT with electric fuelpump and dynamo, 53HP
12H380 same with alternator and remote gear
12H389 same as 12H379, but mechanic fuel pump
12H390 same as 12H389, but alternator
12H706 same as 12H380, but rod gear change
12H397 Cooper S MK III with dynamo and EN16T crank, 73HP
12H398 Cooper SMK III with alternator
12H/-/ 1275 Allegro, Austion 1300, 53HP
12H610/635 Innocenti Cooper with duplex chain, 64HP
12H719/832 same with simplex chain and tensioner
12H832XH De Tomaso 120L 70HP
12H907 standard 1275 Metro, pre October '84
12H996A MG Metro

Here's a potentially useful fact: the VDP is the same engine as the MG Metro, except that most of them had the standard 1275 Metro inlet/exhaust manifold (which has the same ports as the alloy one so the only downside is the hotspot). Loads of scrappies don't know this so they charge a lot less for a VDP Metro lump than they would for an MG Metro lump.
12H959aa MG Metro Turbo 93HP
12A/2A Cooper 1300 from 1990 on without cat
12A/2B Cooper 1300 from 1990 on with cat
12A/2D Cooper 1300 from 1992 on with injection, C/R 9.4:1 or 10.1:1


The following letters are additional to 12A numbers:

G01 C/R 10.1:1, 3.11 diff, catalyst, no oil cooler
G03 C/R 9.4:1, 3.11 diff, catalyst, from may 1992 on
G04 C/R 9.4:1, 2.76 diff, cat, french version
G05 C/R 9.4:1, automatic, cat
F53 C/R 10.1:1, 3.11 diff, cat, oil cooler
F75 C/R 9.4:1, 3.11 diff, cat, injection
F76 C/R 9.4:1, automatic, cat, injection
F77 C/R 10.1:1, 3.21 diff, cat, injection
DF Mayfair 1.3i, cat, 53HP


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If the engine is still all original, use the engine numbers;

1275 Austin Metro engine fitted with unleaded heads : 12HE24, 35, 39, 40, 41, 42, 67 up to 75.

MG Metro 1300 unleaded post mid-1989 fitted with unleaded heads : 12HF01

MG Metro Turbo unleaded : 12HF01

Also, if someone had taken the car to a ROVER dealership for the 'ROVER approved' unleaded conversion,

the ROVER bulletin that was issued with the corrected timing figures, also stated that the fitter must stamp a 'U' on to the engine plate.

An example;

MG Metro 1300 leaded fuel pre 1989  12H996AA, would be 12H996AAU

Its fairly obvious because it would be stamped in and not raised like the other letters.

(BELOW added 21 november 2002 from Dennis Watts)

Here is a list of 998cc engine numbers which are compatible with unleaded.

These refer to mini engines produced from 1989 onwards.

99H/D81P, 99H/E20, 99H/E21, 99H/E22, 99H/F16, 99H/F15, 99H/F32, 99H/G30, 99H/G31, 99H/G32, 99H/G33, 99H/G34, 99H/G39

all post 1990 1275 mini engines were unleaded compatible.

all previous engines require modification before they can use unleaded.

Information, from Barrett's MG-Rover, folkestone.

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