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Is it a 1275 or an A+ not? how to work out what engine it is!

.... without engine numbers or the ability to take it to bits!!!

You might get some conflicting information here AND consider that it might have been repainted

METAL may be a better guide than PAINT!!!!

#1 From Stuart Carter

(Metal GOOD):

I've just measured our 1275 and 1098 engines (1098 should
be the same as 998), and the results are - on the clutch
end of the block, you'll find:

1098: 1 core plug @ approx 40mm diameter
1275: 2 core plugs @ approx 36mm diameter

#2 From Scott Beavis

(Metal GOOD):

A+ : Dizzy fork clamp, bolt into block
A : Dizzy ring clamp, bolt part of clamp

998 : Tappet chest covers on back of block
1275 : Breather above clutch, thermostat housing has two bolts at
front, one at back

(Paint DODGY):

Factory engine block colours (added to satiate Scotts desire for a result when searching for....)

A 850: black
A 998: red
A 1275: blue
A+ 998: yellow
A+ 1275: red

#3 from John Middleton

(Paint DODGY):

Standard metro 1275 A+ blocks also red.

#4 from Colin Sutton:

(Paint DODGY):

Nahhhh. It's all to do with age.

Pre-Mark III - all green.

Mark III - end > of A series - all black.

A+ all yellowy gold, except MG 1275 - red.

#5 from Gary Carr


easy ways to tell are that a 1275 will have a breather by the
earth strap a 998 will have tappet inspetion covers on the
back of the block there are a few more but i cant remember them ;-p

#6 from FB & Gareth Jones

(Metal GOOD)

dipstick in a metal tube = A series

dipstick fitting ok into the engine without a tube = A+

water pump linked to head via a little rubber bypass = NOT METRO

electronic distributor = unlikely to be A series


If they're there it's a small bore block (or an S) if they're
absent it's a 1275.

If it is an A+ then tappet covers = 998, no tappet covers = 1275
because they only did A+ in those two capacities.

#7 from Don Davis


Early 1275s (before 1970 or so) had tappet chest covers.

In the USA, a mini with a 1275 w/o tappet covers is pretty good evidence that a car is not a real Cooper S, but an 850 with an Austin 1300 motor

#8 from Paul

(Paint POOR!)

I Thought just the high output 1275 + where red,
as in vanden plas HLS and the MG Metro. (All too confusing.)

#9 From John Small

(Paint Australian)

For all Australian produced Minis,
the engine number is stamped directly
into the block, rather than on a plate that is
reiveted on and can be removed/lost.

Colours were simple too: Round-Nosed models - all
capacities were green, Clubmans - all
capacities were black, except Clubman GT which was
green (it was a Mk2 Cooper S Spec after



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