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Minis as film stars (and related automotive humour)

Minis are known to have appeared in the following films. Links are to the Internet Movie Database.

The Italian Job

The Bourne Identity

Goodbye Pork Pie

51st State (Formula 51 in the USA)

Some Kind Of Wonderful

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Three Men And A Little Lady

Forget Paris

The Avengers

Shallow Grave

The Gods Must Be Crazy


Once Upon a Time in the Midlands

A Room For Romeo Brass

Other Automotive Films

Grease/Grease 2
Silence of the cams
Vice Jaws: The Revenge
Die Hard : 1/4" BSP tapered
Reservoir Clogs
Fight Clubhammer
2001: A Race Odyssey [In the pits, no one can hear you swear]
The Rocker Horror Picture Show
Whose Car Is It Anyway [US version]
The Incredible Lightness Of Rear Subframes
The Good, The Bad and the BMW MINI
Lord of the Piston Rings
The Two Towerbolts
Dead Cam
The Core Plugs
Forrest Sump
The Heater Matrix
The Heater Matrix: Recored
The Heater Matrix: Revolutions 5Jx10
The Falken and the Snowman
Bridgestone over the River Kwai
On The Wing (Are Bubbles Of Rust)
Das Boot (Kappe Läuft Aus) The Boot (Lid Is Leaking)

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