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Four star petrol

A recent article in the Weekend Telegraph Motoring section (good stuff) gave useful info on the availability of 4-star petrol after 2000.

It has NOT been banned, merely limited to 0.5% of national consumption. The DETR have finally got round to issuing permits (on Christmas eve!) for selling it, and it should be available within the next few weeks.

Well, the distributors are roughly:

Elf: Silverstone, and maybe some other circuits.
BWOC: the West Country
Associated Octel: a dozen sites around Milton Keynes
Carless: race and rally meetings - in drums only and the biggest by far..
Bayford Thrust: who will announce their locations at under the Thrust brand

There will be other pages available soon on the web, giving locations. However, if you want your local to stock it, tell 'em where they can get stocks.

Useful for those with competition engines, at least.

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