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Fuel Pressure Regulators 28.12.02

Fuel Pressure Regulators (By FB)

Purolator do dial up ones that fit in line

Malpassi Concessionaries in Reading UK market the Filter Kings with or without Glass bowl BOTH with fuel filters, with or withou a pressure gauge

Fuel Pressure & Flooding (By FB)

You do not need a lot of fuel pressure for SUs carbs indeed too much can pop the needle vlalve leading to fuel all over the place and crap running

2-3psi tops? not a lot more.....

What you might need is LARGE VOLUME that only a higher pressure pump like a pacet might deliver so IF YOU FIT A BIG PUMP FIT A PRESSURE REGULATOR

ALSO IMPORTANT Fuel Injection pumps are totally wasted if they give you 20, 30 40 or 80 psi ..THEY ARE FOR FUEL INJECTION CARS!!!! go for a PACET pump and taked advice

IF you fit an non SU GENUINE electric pump fit a PRESSURE REGULATOR AND fit a TRITON needle valve in your SU carburettor to ensure it seals the fuell off when the flat chamber is full!!!!

Metro Fuel Pressure Regulators malfunction?

For a regulator to work, any excess pressure must be either returned to source or vented to atmosphere. Since we are talking fuel, then there must be a return pipe to the tank for the system to work (IMHO).

The standard Metro F/P regulator has three connections:

The lower one, coming from the centre of the diaphragm on the underside is the return line back to the tank. If you look at the regulator, it will be marked with an arrow to show normal fuel flow direction. Fuel comes from the tank and enters the regulator. Flow to the outlet port is controlled by a valve, which is open only when the fuel pressure is less than that set by the regulator adjustment screw at the top of the unit.

When the needle valve in the carburettor closes, fuel pressure increases, causing the internal valve to change over, which directs fuel back to the tank via the bottom connection.

If the car has stood a while, your float valve may be stuck closed, causing excess pressure.

First, I suggest that you remove the bottom outlet and check that fuel is being discharged from here when the pump is running. Refit hose and check fuel is going back in to tank. i.e. there is no blockage in return pipe.

If all is correct, then problem is float valve stuck closed, causing excess pressure. Note: On Turbo, there is an additional connection to the top of the regulator, which is a boost pressure feed from the plenum chamber. This connection modifies the regulator setting to increase fuel flow as required for higher boost. Pete Kay (28 12 02)


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