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Gasket Sealant


Found some Yellow Hermatite today, - universal non-hardening gasket jointing (oil grease, petrol, antifreeze resistant), uncertain of how this is different to........

Those I Already have......


all-purpose NON-HARDENING gasket jointing compound (excellent tack to stablise gaskets during assembly -40 to +250c close joint at any time)... using this for paper gaskets as a number of the gasket faces are damaged.... RESISTANT TO ALL FUELS


"The original semi-hardening gasket compound"- originally for ally cylinder heads to inhibit bi-metal corrosion -40 to +150c - excellent gap filling properties for pitted/roughly machined surfaces for flanged or screw threaded joints RESISTANT TO PETROL


"Heavy Duty HARD setting gasket compound" for a perfect joint and a permanent seal -20c to +300c flanged or threaded joints subjected to extremes of pressure/temperature .. used this for the core plugs and oilway plugs RESISTANT TO ACIDS

ALSO... our works manager uses SPRAY HYLOMAR on ALL head gaskets even
those where it is normally NOT recommended to use a sealant...... like on DIESEL  (15-20:1 CR) engines, I am gonna try it and will report back , the block face is 100% new but the head face is pitted and will need light surface rust removing. BARRIE @ Work has reused head gaskets on diesel shovels when pushed (no new gaskets) and they have held together with the spray "bodge-paste"

To use or not to use?

"Is it acceptable, to put a bit of gasket compound on any of the gaskets?"

On my last engine everyone said not to use gasket sealant and I regretted it big time. I must have got through several hundred quids worth of oil. From my experience, ALWAYS use sealant like blue hylomar on the diff, speedo drive, and transfer housing (basically anywhere below the oil level). I would also recommend sealant for the timing cover, water pump, and gearbox-to-block join, although some people would say don't use it in these places.

You don't need to use sealant for the clutch end cover, exhaust manifold, and the rocker cover gasket, although with some rocker covers it helps to stick the gasket to the cover itself with something. As for the head gasket, I use a little bit between the bores. One important thing to remember is not to over do it with the sealant. Excess sealant getting into the oil/water ways or the sump can easily bung up the works.

Another thing to remember is all the scraping you will have to do to remove the gaskets in a year or so's time. Silicone sealant is easier to remove as it tends to just peel off.

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