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HIF carburettors

HIF44, initial setting up

The initial settings for HIFs as opposed to HS versions of the SU are as follows:

1. Run the engine to working temp. Obviously you can't always do this but I think this is recommended because of the temperature compensation on the jet in HIFs. You may have to repeat this procedure once the car has been
started and warmed up.

2. Remove the piston and suction chamber.

3. Unscrew the throttle adjusting screw until it is just touching its stop with the throttle valve shut

4. Make sure none of the cold-start or choke features are engaged.

5. Turn the throttle screw 1 1/2 turns clockwise.

6. Check that the needle guide is flush with the bottom of the piston.

7. Turn the mixture adjustment screw until the jet is flush with top of the jet guide. Then turn the screw 2 turns clockwise.

8. Refit the piston and suction chamber.

This should give you a good starting point. I've used this method many times. It is also good to check that the  throttle plate (butterfly) is closing all the way.

HIF6/44 carb, source

HIF6 is 1.75", HIF44 is 44mm...they can be considered the same!

Cars that use the HIF6/44:

HIF carbs, turbo type

The turbo HIF's have the lever on the drivers side as there is an air box & a pipe that goes down to the turbo on the passenger side so the lever cannot fit there.

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