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HT Leads: Physical Checks

I found a "low revs/hard grunt" misfire.... nothing should REALLY be wrong......

Thus: HT lead maintenance

Other than HT leads breaking down over time they DO need to be checked for quality of fit/connection

So, I checked the new aftermarket HT leads for security and quality of fit

First: The rubber cap/cover on the coil assembly end of the coil to dizzy lead was loose
the connection was open to the elements - on a mini this is "in the wind"

Thus the copper fitting on the end of the HT lead had gone green
(check out any church steeple for the effect of atmospheric exposure to copper)
Since I guess the green verdigris* lookalike corrosion does not conduct this was not helping the connection

Exposed the copper HT lead ends from the rubber caps for inspection with a pair of long nose pliers while lightly
holding the rubber cap so the lead pulls through

Cleaned off the green

Second: I Then noticed the connection was not too tight!

The fittings on each end of the HT leads either grip the tip of the sparkplug OR fit tight into
the hole in the Dizzy cap or coil... the fittings work loose over time I guess as the coil end had
a diameter less than needed to grip the inside of the fitting on the coil

#1 Expanded the copper end to the HT lead so it fitted snugly in the coil connection

#2 Repeated the same for the ends on the dizzy and checked the sparkplug tips were tight

#3 Made sure the copper end that grips the sparkplug tip was tight enough to fit with a "click"

#4 ensured all rubber caps were fitted tight

#4 replaced the worn off cylinder number marks (* , **, ***, **** ) on each end of the HT leads and
on the dizzy

Went for a test drive

No misfire! SORTED

*Verdigris is only caused by the chemical reaction of copper materials with acetic acid and is a
mixture of basic copper acetates. In contrast to copper salts which form a natural patina,
verdigris is water soluble. Visually it may be recognized by its strikingly green color.

FB (31 08 2003)

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