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Hydrolastic Stuff

Depressurisation, how to do it yourself

I recently depressurised my hydrolastic system. I used an attachment off  the end of a bike pump. I had to cut the end off that normally goes into the pump as it contains a one way valve. Seemed to work very well, could put one end in a bottle to catch the fluid and adjust the bleed rate by tightening or loosening the screw on connection.

Hydrolastic Suspension Units

This is a (incomplete ?) list of the unit numbers for different hydro units:

Standard Components

Part# Application Body# (not exact numbers)
21A1477 Cooper (Front or Rear) to 830000
21A1804 Cooper (Front or Rear) to 1025600
21A2008 Cooper (Front or Rear) 1025600 on
21A1872 Cooper S (Front or Rear) to 1025600
21A2012 Cooper S (Front or Rear) 1025600 on

Special Tuning Components

Part# Application Colour Band
C-21A1693 Rally (Front) 1 Yellow
C-21A1705 Rally (Front or Rear) 1 Yellow
21A1811 Rally (Front or Rear) 2 Orange
C-21A1819 Race (Front) 1 Red
C-21A1821 Race (Rear) 2 Red
21A1872 Race (Front) 1 Blue
21A1874 Race (Rear) 1 Blue

These part numbers are from the Austin and Morris Mini Cooper and Cooper 'S' Mechanical Service Parts Catalog (AKD 3509) from 1965, so they should be correct. It does include exact(?) body numbers for each of the units but the list would be a lot longer....

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