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Knuckle joints

Special ones for latest Sportspack minis

There are 2 different knuckle joints available. Spacered ones which are fitted to latest 13" wheeled minis and the original non-spacered ones. They fitted the spacered ones to raise the ride height to clear the body work.

The same spacered ones are used on the front and back of the new minis, despite the different front and back suspension ratios.

Fitting Rear Knuckle Joint Rubber Boots....pig of a job

1) remove road wheel after jacking rear of car up

2) jack up hub until weight is just being taken on the radius arm and secure.......

fully roll back rubber boot on knuckle ( so it is inside out) and now with lots of space to work around the knuckle fold the boot back over the lip of the plastic
seat, it will catch on the lip.... sorted!

if you fit the knuckle intact before the suspension cone/trumpet or hi-lo the high angle of the radius arm will probably pull the boot off the knuckle
leave fitting it until later

anyone ever used wire to keep the boot on at high angles?

IT IS Easiest to fit the boot with the suspension "slack" ie. hi-lo or adjustaride loose...try it!

added by FB 13-11-2004

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