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Leaded petrol, effects of

"Effect of Leaded petrol in Minis" - Quote from the May 98 issue of Practical Classics.

Suitably tested fuel additives will be available before four-star petrol is banned on Jan 1,2000, according to a top fuel industry scientist.

Dr Mat Vincent, an expert on fuel and combustion, has been appointed to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Fuels Committee to test the effectiveness of petrol additives.

He told club delegates....that research is well under way and that the fuels committee will be able to make recommendations to owners well before the 2000 lead ban.

Dr Vincent will use BMC A-series engines, which are particularly prone to valve seat recession and therefore more at risk than most engines.

Research as shown that valve seat recession varies dramatically depending on engine type and use. At lower engine speeds, damage is negligible, but at higher revs recession becomes a serious problem. Dr V said that sustained hard driving on some engines could see a total loss of valve clearances in less than 500 miles.

He also confirmed that fitting hardened valve seats is the best long-term solution to running on unleaded fuel."

See also four star petrol.

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