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Lowering your car

Cutting down trumpets

Cut off 1/5 of the lowering amount on back. 1/3 at the front. To lower by 1", chop 1/5" off rear trumpets, 1/3" off fronts.

Be aware that it takes over aweek to fully 'sag in'.


Lowering rear suspension, warning about shock absorbers

With the shock on full droop the trumpet and cone shouldn't actually come apart, just go slack.

The main problem I found with lowering the back end (by *ONLY* 1") was that the shocks were too long and would hit maximum compression with a loud BANG on the smallest of bumps.

This will eventually bust off the lower shock stud.

I raised mine back up to normal ride height in the end, by sticking some washers on the end of the trumpet.

The usual way around this is to fit 'short' shocks, but you can (and don't quote me on this one!!) fit a couple of front tie-bar bushes (or similar) on the shock shaft to soften the impact when it flies up into the wheel arch!

Lowered shocks, when to use?

If lowered by more than an inch then use short shocks. When I lowered my mini by ~1.5" at the rear it was hitting the shock end stops.

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