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Lyrics for "Self Preservation Society"


The following gives you the words and chords in the key of F, which is as far as I can tell the correct key from the film. (It may have transposed up from E by the BBC/Video companies running the film at 25 fps instead of 24, to match the 50hz refresh rate of UK PAL - Certainly F major is the terror of the guitarist..)

        |F |Bb |F |Bb |F |Bb |
This is the self-preservation Society,

|F |Bb |F |Bb |F |Bb |
the self-preservation society

|F |
Put on your almond rocks &

|C |
daisy roots, wash your hampstead heath

and wear your whistle and flute.

|Dm |Bb
Lots of lah-de-dahs and cockneys here,

|G |Eb |C
Look alive and get out of here.

|F |A
Get your skates on mate, get your skates on mate,

|D7 |G
No bib around your Gregory Peck today, eh?

|Bb Am |Gm
Drop your plates of meat right upon the seat

|F |Bb |F |Bb |F |Bb |
This is the self-preservation Society,

|F |Bb |F |Bb |F |Bb |
the self-preservation society

The middle eight is left as an exercise for the reader...

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