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Negative camber bottom arms

Negative camber bottom arms do what they say on the tin. Or box.

By using NCBAs you make the bottom of the wheel stick out compared to the top. This is negative camber which can improve handling.

However, you usually need adjustable tie rods to re-sort the caster angle and get the best out of them.

When you put on neg camber arms, you will inevitably increase the castor angles (steering self-centering, straight lining) from standard, as one affects the other. Its also affected by raising/lowering the height. (Dont forget that lowering on its own also reduces camber)

The adj tie-rods will enable you to correct, adjust, and set castor exactly; as well as being a LOT stronger than the standard items.

Its best to get them set correctly at a tyre place with full 4-wheel laser alignment equipment.

Also you're supposed to fit a plate on top of the upper arm beneath the bumpstop to limit the bump travel.

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