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Adjustable rear suspension brackets (Negative Camber and/or Toe-in/Toe-out)

Negative camber rear suspension brackets do what they say on the tin. Or box.

By using NCRSBs you make the bottom of the rear wheel stick out compared to the top. This is negative camber which can improve handling.

On the rear there are no issues of changing the castor as the wheel is on a fixed swing arm you just change the camber OR


You can also change the toe-in/toe/out!!!!

CONSIDER Negative camber front arms are fixed or adjustable, ALL the devices for the rear traditionally rely on screw thread pressure or tension to maintain their location.

These devices commonly use slotted plates to step up and over each other to hold the location in the vertical camber plane (locked with pressure from the radius arm shaft lock nut), and/or devices to pull or push the outboard rotation point of the radius arm shaft forwards/backwards for the toein/toeout (using washers welded to threaded rod pulling on a fixed point on the bracket).

If the locating device(s) fail the outboard end of the radius arm may be pushed up to the maximum travel (maximum camber) and back (maximum toe OUT) by the mass and action of the movement of the wheels. Handling will be compromised.

A OLDER & CHEAPER BUT FIXED METHOD was to overbore the hole in the subframe bracket the radius arm shaft came through, place a large washer over the hole and fasten the radius arm shaft lock nut back in place, adjust the suspension to suit tighten up the nut then weld the washer down filling in the space behind the washer with weld then redrilling the hole in the washer..FIXED but ADUSTED!!!!

Its best to get these brackets set correctly at a tyre place with full 4-wheel laser alignment equipment.

Minis can have poor rear suspension alignment as a result of misaligned shoddy repairs to subframe mounting panels, these brackets can be used to correct some of this misallignment with the use of full 4-wheel laser alignment equipment and EXPERT advice.

DO NOT try to correct misalignments that are the result of body or suspension damage especially if the rotational centres of the wheels are not equidistant front-back on both sides ......unless expert advice suggest otherwise.

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