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Oil Filters

MPi minis

The latest minis use a different oil filter. Engines which have the oil filter mounted horizontally directly onto the block use a filter which looks very similar but has a slightly different thread pitch. Why Rover did this, nobody knows.

Oil filters, manufacturer cross reference

Rover Mini 97 on uses Unipart's gfe 280, 92x76 with a sealing ring 62x72 and a 13/16x16 unf thread AKA Crosland part number 2104.

Minis from 01/74 use Unipart number gfe 166 or gfe 148, 92x76 with a sealing ring of 62x72 and a 3/4x16 unf thread, AKA Crosland part number 573. This itself can be matched to:

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