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Oil Pump Stuff


Don't prime it with vaseline! Use an engine assembly lube like Torco. If you intend starting the engine within a day or two, it shouldn't run off and getting the oil pressure up shouldn't  be a problem.

If you leave it for longer, it can run off and getting oil pressure up may be difficult.

If you are having difficulty in getting the oil pressure;

This effectively is feeding the oil back into the sump, forcing the air out.

Oil pump types

1. If you're building a 998, you need an A+ 998 oil pump, ( Rover Part No. GLP139*)

2.  If its 1275 then a 1275 A+ oil pump. (Rover Part No. GLP138*)

* Both Part No for ref only, may have been superseded recently.

If you're ordering from a non-mini factor, to save confusion, it's easier to ask for a Metro 998 or 1300!

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