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Burn characteristics (compared to diesel and oil)

Lubricating oil (and diesel for that matter) have a much lower self ignition temperature than petrol, whilst petrol has a very low flash point.

Fuel Flash Point Self-ignition Point
Petrol 30dC 600dC
Diesel 100dC 320dC
Lubricating Oil 210dC 260dC

Basically this means that Diesel and Lubricating oil will ignite easily off a hot surface and petrol ignites from a spark.

Petrol fumes

I owned a 1983 mini city and there was sometimes a smell of petrol when running. Having checked the fuel hoses and float settings it finally occurred to me that my car was missing the quarter inch fuel tank vent hose that goes onto the top of the tank and then out through the boot floor. I put on the hose and the smell went away.

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