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What are they?

Shorter throw gearstick, with raised pivot point.

They are a bit strange, some like them, some hate them. They make the shift real hard, as they amplify every gearbox response. So if you have a box which is hard to shift anyway, it will make it even harder. With a nice smooth gearbox, no probs. You can shift too quick with it. So if your gearbox crunches without, it will definitely more with quickshift.


Sometimes you can't shift into reverse gear as the spring is maybe too long for the new lever (happened to me). Then cut away a bit from the spring or the lock of the cover. Don't cut the spring too far as you
will draw the lever out of the shift mechanism when reversing (happened to a friend, he used it as an immobiliser, just draw the lever out of the mechanism and it wobbles around)

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