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Rocker Adjustment

#1 Reduced the tappetty noise in Tallulah beautful top end last night

Followed the rule of 9..... .35mm gap for a 12A engine (0.33 to 0.38mm)...some were ok, some tight, turned the engine over by applying handbrake, engaging 4th gear, jacking up a driven wheel and turning it to get the valves to fully open etc etc... no need to remove sparkplugs or rock her about !!!

#2 The 'Rule of Nine', for setting valve/rocker clearances, as mentioned by John, requires, IMHO, further clarification!

With the rocker cover removed, the first valve nearest to the radiator/thermostat end is called number '1', and the last one, that nearest the clutch, is number 8. To ensure that any valve is clear of the camshaft when it is adjusted, the "Rule of Nine" is followed. If number '1' valve is fully open, i.e. the rocker is fully depressed, then number '8' can be adjusted. It must be fully closed as that cylinder is at top dead centre (TDC) on its compression stroke. Similarly, if number '5' is fully open, then number '4' must be fully closed and, therefore, can be adjusted. There is a certain order of adjustment that entails fewest turns of the crank, but it is not necessary to follow this sequence, it just makes it easier.

This order is as follows:-

8 Fully Open then adjust Number 1

6 Fully Open then adjust Number 3

4 Fully Open then adjust Number 5

7 Fully Open then adjust Number 2

1 Fully Open then adjust Number 8

3 Fully Open then adjust Number 6

5 Fully Open then adjust Number 4

2 Fully Open then adjust Number 7

If different settings are called for between 'Exhaust' and 'Inlet' valves, then the following valves are Inlet:- 2,3,6,7and Exhaust valves are 1,4,5,8. Normaly, on Mini, Inlet and Exhaust clearances are the same.

Hope this helps, Pete Kay


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