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"I'm trying to separate my gearlever from the back of the engine and its got a pin that I need to drift out. Well I've
whacked it, hammered it, sworn at it but it hasn't moved."

I sympathise with you!!

The other day I drifted Merv's roll pin out. What a nightmare!

When I did Borris' engine swap I used a large nail and a hammer and the pin wasn't too much trouble.

I couldn't get the pin out on Merv so took engine off with gear remote still attached.

With it lying on the garage floor I hammered and swore and it just wouldn't budge.

You can get special drifts etc, but here are some tips....

Good luck.

Roll-pins, tip for retention on gear linkage

I've had a roll pin out of a gear linkage before and since that time I have put a piece of wire through the pin and wrapped it around the gear linkage to make sure the pin can not go anywhere.

Since then I have never had a roll pin fall out.

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