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Works Roof Colours (Colors) Why?

I've been asked why the red/white colour scheme was
chosen for the works rally team in the 60's.

Can anyone come up with a sensible answer?

Rocky Frisco Replied: Here's a statement from the man who sprayed those black roofs white, Adrian

"To answer your question on the colour of the works Mini's, it all started
in 1960 with the Big Healeys, when they entered 3 cars, they
were all red with white hard top; the first works Mini's in 59 were all
different colours but were private entries with works backing, the 61 Monte
Carlo we had one white one green and one blue, which made it difficult to
identify (them). Stuart Turner then thought it best for team colours, the
first of which came in, were red with a black roof and it was my job to
spray a white roof; the rest is, as they say, history."


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