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Stickers, applying to paintwork (I)

Before applying the stickers, smear the area of body work with vaseline, then polish the vaseline off. Apply the sticker. It will now allow itself to be removed quite easily. (Tried it - it *does* work).

Stickers, applying to paintwork (II)

To make stickers stick harder use dishwashing liquid and water to make a very soapy solution. Apply to paint.. peel and apply can manouevre around where you need it to sit...wipe off excess and let dry... Guaranteed.. Practice on glass or an old panel if not confident. NOTE : This DOES NOT make the sticker come off easier! Use a hairdryer to help remove them by softening the glue.

Stickers, removing (I)

When I got my pickup, it was signwritten all over as it had been used as an advert for the guy who owned it's business. I was advised to use a hairdryer to remove them but found that boiling water (well, very hot) was much better at melting the glue and a *lot* quicker!!!

Stickers, removing (II)

Boil the kettle & tip it over the sticker & no paint will come off.

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