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Solid front mounts

"I've bought a front subframe solid mounts kit from Mini Spares (the one called "towers & teardrops"), but didn't find any "teardrop" shaped items inside the package. It consists of two pairs of large diameter conical bushes, pair of steel washers (towers I suspect), and two pairs of smaller ring-shaped bushes. The question is are the later front mounts or maybe I got a wrong kit?"

The large diameter ~2" ones are for the towers. These can be fun to fit, but make sure you do one side at a time. Loosening the rear lower mounts can help. The front mount will need undoing completely to allow the tower to drop.

Everything else is for the 'teardrop' replacement. You'll need one big washer and one tubular bush per side. The tubular bush replaces the teardrop and the big washer goes on the front through the hole on the valence. The top teardrop locating bolt is not used.

If you fit towing eyes like I have, that have a hole in them and a bolt through the mount, then you'll need longer bolts.

Front tower mount torque settings (new 12/05/03)

Speaking of the front tower mounts, in response to a question from David Hardingham of the A's of Herts, Beds & Bucks Mini Owners Club, Rover suggest a torque setting for the big bolts of 67Nm, or 49lbft in old money.

It should be pointed out however that this is for MPi Minis, ie post 1997, but seeing as the bolts have been the same since 1976, there shouldn't be any issue in using the same setting for models from that time onwards.

Unfortunately a search for the same information for the twin tower bolt subframes (ie pre 1976) remains pretty fruitless, aside from the webmaster's Lord Of The Rings references... "two bolts to hold the frame and in the darkness grip it"

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"I need to convert my hydrolastic '66 mk1 to dry suspension. Will the front and rear subframes from late model bolt up or do
I need early dry subframes? Also will the rear radius arms from late model swap to early?"

You need subframes from a pre-76 car. You can buy them new FWIW. The front s/frame can be identified by the two mounting bolts in each tower instead of one for the post-76 (Mark 4 w/reversing lights) car. No change in spec for the radius arms over the years that I can see (but don't guarantee it).

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Rear subframe mounting bolts

The problem with these bolts is that the factory installed ones that are way too long.

I have seen some that stick out 1 inch from the captive nut. All those fine threads are exposed to water over the years and develop a healthy coating of rust. They jam in the nut after a few turns when you try to remove them, and off goes the head. I have soaked them for several days with penetrating fluid with little success.

I ended up cutting the excess off. Loads of fun that. I made sure that the replacements did not extend more than a couple of threads past the captive nut, and I smeared the exposed threads with a waterproof grease. I use what are referred to as Grade 5 fasteners here in the USA. These have excellent tensile and shear properties. They bend a little rather than just snap.

Rear subframe removal

I found it quite straightforward to refit the replacement subframe with the suspension arms fitted - this allowed me maximum access during subframe build-up:

All in all I did this in less than a couple of days, including refurbishing the replacement subframe.


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