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Track Rod Ends: Removal & Adjustment

The removal of these is best facilitated using a Stilson Wrench and a spanner on the lock nut, careful the rubber boots are easily torn

The Trackrod end may be loosened/wound off the track rod by locking the stilson on the trackrod & using the spanner on the hexagonal end of the trackrod-end OR by using the stilson on the trackrod-end and a spanner on the lock nut. IF YOU CAN mark the postition of the trackrod end relative to the trackrod as any shortening or lengthening of the distance between the rack and the trackrod end shaft that engages with the steering arm will change the TOE IN or TOE OUT alignment of your wheels

YOU MUST FOR SAFETY have AT LEAST FIVE whole turns of thread covered on the trackrod (SAFETY CRITICAL CHECK FIVE IS ENOUGH). As you lower a car the wheels move outwards at the bottom so you could end up with the trackrod end clinging on only 2 or 3 threads as STILL not be able to get enough TOE OUT to align the suspension. I use TRIUMPH HERALD track rod ends on my car as they are longer....... BUT this is a modification remember...

Ensure the locknut is secure as you will lose steering on one side if it drops out :(

ALSO if you are "breaking the joint" between the trackrod end and the steering arm you may find a wedge joint splitter will damage the rubber boot, use the far superior scissors one BUT always have the locknut in place wound down flush with the top of the thread to prevent thread damage if you are reusing the joint.....

If you break the joint with a scissors splitter and can't get the locknut back off, jack up the bottom of the trackrod end until there is full travel movement of the hub, this will engage BUT NOT RELOCK the joint taper enabling you to get the locknut off

Added by FB 02 04 2004

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