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Ultimate Engine Steady/Steadies

High performance engines need uprated bushes and additional bracing, whether by adding the alternative bottom "dog bone" (commonly fitted between transmission and subframe) and/or a UES (ultimate engine steady).

The UES links the thermostat housing and body shell and there are a number of versions available.

The ideal UES for you depends on:

UES's for 1275 and 998 engines differ in both length and the angle at which they are mounted. A UES to fit a 1275 will not go onto a 998 and still work...

In the case of right/left hand drive vehicles, other engine/engine bay components may get in the way of a UES fitment. The same is true for underbonnet differences between, for example, carb and SPi engines.

As in so many cases, it is best to clarify with the vendor exactly what spec you have and what spec you need.

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