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Pete Kay recently informed us of a method for refitting front and rear windows, as noted whilst watching an expert at work:

The spatula he used to lift rubber over glass was nylon, about 20mm wide, 3mm thick and 150mm long, shaped to a curved point over the last 30mm at each end. He certainly didn't seem to apply any force, just inserted the spatula into the gap between glass and seal then lifted the rubber into position as he went around the glass, probably by a twisting action.

Incidentaly, the nail varnish was clear.

Another Fitting Method

Put the seal on the screen first. Put a little soap-water in the groove. Insert a rope into the groove. Then get someone to push the screen onto the car. The rope has to hang inside the car. Then pull the rope and it should slide the seal onto the body.

Another Another Fitting Method

I've just fitted the front and rear windows. Here's roughly how to fit them:


This is a bitch as well.

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